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Practicing Art and Science Around the Globe

Welcome to my web site. I created this site to share my thoughts and creations in art and science. I am blessed by having skills, education, and passion in both art and science. I could be happy doing either full time;  for me, they go hand in hand and support each other. When a science career requires me to travel, I mix in a bit of painting. Art helps me think in images when solving problems with science. Lasers and holography emerged shortly after I began university studies in physics, so specializing in laser applications and holography was almost a foregone conclusion because of my love for art. 

In these pages, I plan to share interesting thoughts and photos of art works and science events.

You can acquire any of the art works that have not been taken already by pledging a small donation to breast cancer research or in some cases other acts of charity.

I documented work, both in art and science for many years and share some of those documents in the site, mostly what was produced after digital technology simplified the task. I conduct themed figure painting workshops and 'en plein air paint outs with artist friends around the world. You can read about these adventures under "Art Books" and see my own art under "Artworks".   Art books include models and artists at work, completed paintings, and quotes by the models and artists.  

Painting on the Big Island (Hawaii)                   Testing Space Shuttle experiments in                                                                                                   NASAs Microgravity Laboratory (The                                                                                                                  Vomit Comet)

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