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In the early 2000's, I began leading themed figure painting workshops and 'en plein air paint outs with artist friends, Fred Hope (Laguna Beach Studios) and Jesse Fortune (Location 1980, Costa Mesa). Paint outs began with Death Valley, expanded to other CA deserts and then to the U.K. and Spain. I documented these  adventures in books, which include artists and work, models, and paintings. The first book, Art of the Muse, was done at the requests and help of some of the great figure models I work with, and included interviews and quote from them to advise up coming models. Much of the photography in the 'en plein air books was done by Pauline Abbott. You can read about these adventures by clicking on the PDF's below. Some of the books are still available. 

Most Famous Nudes Ever Painted

Art of the Muse

The Goddess Project

Andalusia Paint Out

Monument Valley Paint Out

Scottish Paintout

I Believe in Angels

Five Muses One Masterpiece

Tribute to the Masters

Painting Death Valley

Desert Painters-Joshua Tree NP

Alabama Hills

Art of Jim Trolinger


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