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Recent Works -2020

2019-2020-I conducted a Challenge workshop series in a Costa Mesa studio, Location 1980, six workshops where artists were presented with a theme, "The most famous nudes ever painted" and challenged artists to create their representation of these famous ladies. Below are some of my paintings from the workshop. You can see the resulting book, which includes paintings by participating artists in the Art Books section.

Click on the picture to see entire painting, then full screen to expand it.

Cleopatria-The model was Katie. The long poses were inspired by two of the most famous women in history, Cleopatra, who ruled Egypt around 50 BC, and Artemesia Gentileschi, an amazing female artist who painted Death of Cleopatra 1500 years later. These women changed the course of history in many ways.

Wonder Woman-The model was Shadia Ghantous, who has played the role of Wonder Woman in many settings. I painted her nude and then added the costume onto the original painting later. 
-The model was , 
IMG_8480 (1).jpg
-The model was , 
IMG_8751 (002).jpg
-The model was , 
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